Develop a sustainable Business Process Management programme across the organisation.

Business Process Management

Identify which processes are adding value to your customers and which are causing them pain.

Process Management takes the 'luck' out of process performance and replaces it with a continuous feedback mechanism that will guide you to achieve your goals.

  • Identify your core process value stream and map your processes
  • Develop critical to quality (CTQ) customer metrics to ensure process outcomes deliver to the customer's requirements
  • Develop process metrics linked to CTQs to ensure each process is being managed and controlled to achieve customer outcomes
  • Assign ownership and responsibilities for each core process
  • Develop and coach your staff to manage their processes to deliver customer outcomes
  • The Process Management System will identify core processes that require Process Improvement activities


Conduct focused Process Improvement activities on poor performing processes to ensure waste is minimised and value is maximised.

Process Improvement

Process Improvement will give your business a structured methodology such as DMAIC to thoroughly investigate the key drivers of process performance. Identify the root causes of poor performance and determine suitable solutions.

  • Define your core process problems and prioritise them into a 'roadmap' of initiatives
  • Train your staff in Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools
  • Coach and guide your staff through the projects that have been assigned to them
  • Conduct Stage Gate reviews to ensure projects are on track and delivering gains
  • Coordinate the benefits realisation outcomes of each project to ensure the gain is sustained

Improvement Events

  • Rapid Improvement events: 3, 5 or 10 day events
  • Lean Projects: 4 - 12 week projects
  • 5S projects: 12 weeks

Improvement Training

  • Half day Executive Lean overview
  • 1 day Lean Training - Introduction to Lean
  • 4 day Lean Training - Project Team Member
  • 5 day Lean Training - Project Team Leader


Execute and sustain improvements back into the workplace ensuring process owners & staff can maintain the gains and realise the benefits.

  • Develop standard work instructions to guide standardisation of daily work practices on the newly improved process
  • Develop and maintain visual management boards within the workplace to measure, monitor and control the newly improved process
  • Conduct post-implementation audits on the newly improved process to ensure compliance to agreed standards
  • Manage the change aspects to ensure the new process becomes the “new way we do things around here”

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